Missouri Lions Special License Plate

(Application Form & Instructions Download at bottom of page)

Missouri Lions Special License Plate

The Missouri Lions Special License Plate is now available to all Lions in Missouri. A donation of $25.00 for the use of the Lions emblem is required annually by the State of Missouri. The good news—this money will stay with the Missouri Lions. One half ($12.50) will go to the Missouri State Lions and the other half ($12.50) will be returned to the Lions District of the applicant. (The application is available through either the Missouri Lions State Office or your District Governor.)

The license plate shall not exceed six characters in length. If it is a handicap plate, one character will be lost due to the handicap emblem being used by the Lions emblem.

The plate may be made any month of the year, but if done at any time other than the renewal date the cost will not be pro-rated.

If you are obtaining a biennial plate, the emblem use fee will be doubled ($50.00), but you must be sure that you are eligible with the Department of Revenue for a two-year plate in that year.

Any current Lions member may apply for the new Lions plate. As a Lion, you may select a personal or business name for the plate. Vehicles titled in a Company or Corporation may be authorized if the owner is a Lion.